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Watermelon Warehouse Helpers

Warehouse Associate

As a key player in logistics, a Warehouse Associate plays a vital role in inventory management, from receiving to storing. They thoroughly process and organize stocks, ensuring alignment with purchase orders and adherence to company policy. Timely delivery and loss prevention are top priorities, with the associate making sure shipping schedules are met consistently. The responsibilities of this warehouse job extend to precise processing of packages and shipping orders, maintaining a well-organized inventory, and inspecting products for any defects or damages.

In the fast-paced world of a warehouse setting, an associate also aids in assembling racking, carts, and tables – vital elements for effective distribution. Additionally, they are charged with loading incoming materials or inventory items into the warehouse, contributing to a smooth and efficient workflow. This position is pivotal in maintaining order and productivity in a warehouse environment, proving that a Warehouse Associate is more than just a job title – it’s a responsibility. Contact us today and we provide you best warehouse Associate!

Supermarket Order Pickers

An order picker is a person who picks and delivers material from storage to fill orders. They take inventory from the shelves and make sure that the products match the ones that are ordered. Then, they pack the orders and load them for delivery.

In order to normalize the stocking processes, it’s important that a work is done by the responsible, thorough and attentive picker. We provide only the well-prepared specialists able to adjust to new working conditions quickly.

Outsourcing of pickers is an efficient solution
  • Reducing the expenses related to sick leaves,vacation allowances and insurance.
  • Reducing the pressure on the HR department, no need for spending time on searching and preparing the new employees.
  • Reducing the number of full-time employees, allowing to keep more favorable tax category.
  • Increasing the working efficiency due to tasks completed quickly and with high quality.

Packaging &Wrapping Solutions

We at Watermelon offer a packing service in UAE to meet the needs of your products and industry. Even if you are unaware of the contract packing procedures or you are new to it, we can help. We very well know that each product and brand has its importance when it comes to the packaging. That’s why we offer a complete in house service providing you with as much or as little packaging support as you need. We have machines, manpower, and packaging materials to fulfill your packaging needs and dispatch the products ready for store shelves up and down the country and beyond.

We offer wide range of services to help you get your product to market from direct packaging to warehousing to fulfillment.


Our mission is to Give you Good Services

Watermelon aims to get your products and merchandise delivered quickly, safely, and reliably. We are an innovative delivery company that wants to improve the way deliveries are handled across the entire UAE. In the process, we seek to develop strong relationships and build trust with our customers.

We help companies create the high-performing supply chains necessary to be competitive in a global economy.