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Logistics and Delivery

3PL Logistics Service Providers

Watermelon is a transportation & logistics third-party specializing in moving freight to or from international & global destinations or across UAE. By air, cargo ship or, truck, we manage the details to ensure your freight arrives on time. We provide customers with complete cost-effective solutions for all modes of transportation, 3rd party warehousing & distribution services including TM, LTL, TL, Intermodal, freight audits, vendor management, POD, & optimization. Our customers leverage our expertise to get industry best practices, advanced technology, best-in-class customer service, & dedicated expert support.

Watermelon Group is undeniably one of the leading 3PL logistics service providers in the industry. We have decade-long experience and expertise in providing warehousing, distribution, transportation, order fulfillment, and supply chain management services to businesses from all segments.

We offer affordable rates and tailor-made solutions to meet your specific needs and make your business thrive. With our state-of-the-art technology,industry-standard practices, and commitment to customer service, we ensure that your valuable products are stored in the safest possible manner. Additionally, we also help our clients deliver their products to their final destination quickly and accurately.

Online Food & Grocery Deliveries

Watermelon is among the best courier services for e-commerce platforms/businesses. We offer you customized logistics solutions for e-commerce to best suit your supply chain needs. The foundation of any good e-commerce organization is based on the right choice of e-commerce delivery partners who can enable timely and safe deliveries to ensure customer satisfaction.

Watermelon is among the e-commerce delivery companies in UAE that offers an array of services which includes cross border and technology services, parcel transportation, freight, and fulfilment services. If you are on the lookout for the right e-commerce courier service in UAE that you can put your trust in, then you are in the right place.

Manpower &Vehicle Outsourcing

The Auto-Mobility sector is adapting and rethinking its current supply chain infrastructure. Production is moving closer to consumption, new players are entering the market to support vehicles built on semiconductor technology, and OEMs are investing heavily in mega-factories in emerging markets.

As a specialist in all aspects of Auto-Mobility and automotive logistics, Watermelon focuses on passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. We are committed to supporting the auto logistics sector by providing valuable services, from mitigating value chain disruptions to enabling automotive electrification.

With a globally recognized track record of delivering exceptional international auto logistics, global access, and industry-advancing innovation, you can be sure Watermelon will always evolve with you.

Last Mile Delivery Solutions

Last Mile Delivery Service refers to the final destination of supply chain operations with the journey of products from the Warehouse to the customer end. This last step of the delivery process is most critical to minimizing cost, ensuring transparency, increasing efficiency, and improving infrastructure.

Last Mile Logistics Solutions be like to the operational capabilities including warehouse (physical spaces), logistic, delivery squad and workforce for the process of planning and executing of Goods and customer requirements. Watermelon’s ultimate goal for this complex operational setup is to enable businesses to provide their customers with the best possible last mile delivery experience.

Watermelon is a logistics provider specializing in last-mile delivery. With a delivery volume of thousands of packages per day, we’ve perfected the art of getting the right parcels into the right hands. That’s why so many eCommerce and omnichannel enterprises trust us to handle their last-mile deliveries, taking the complexities off their hands so they can focus on sales, service, and business growth.


Our mission is to Give you Good Services

Watermelon aims to get your products and merchandise delivered quickly, safely, and reliably. We are an innovative delivery company that wants to improve the way deliveries are handled across the entire UAE. In the process, we seek to develop strong relationships and build trust with our customers.

We help companies create the high-performing supply chains necessary to be competitive in a global economy.